Dec. 2, 2021

True Crime: The Disappearance and Murder of Riley Ann Fox: December 2021 True Crime Patreon Exclusive

This is a sneak peek of our December 2021 True Crime Patreon Exclusive content.

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CONTENT WARNING: Child Sexual Assault, Child Murder, Brief Mention of Suicide

This one is a doozy, y’all. Riley Fox was a beautiful 3-year-old  girl when she went missing from her house in rural Illinois. Her dad, Kevin, hoped she just wandered off, but unfortunately Riley’s very short life would end in a horrific way. Even worse for the Fox family, Kevin was held in jail for her murder, until her real killer is found right under everyone’s nose.

Links Discussed in the Episode:

Anyone with information of Dalton’s murder, the hammer used in the murder, or the location where Dalton’s body was found may contact:

Illinois State Police - Dalton Mesarchik Task Force by telephone at 1-815-844-1500 (ext.2321) or email at

20/20 Special on Riley Fox - the Accused

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