July 7, 2022

True Crime: The Death of Cooper Harris July 2022 True Crime Patreon Exclusive

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Megan covers a case suggestion from listener and Patreon Mia! Thanks, Mia!

This story is incredibly difficult to tell. Cooper Harris was a beautiful blonde-haired toddler, taken from this life too early. Cooper was only 22 months old when he died of hyperthermia, after being left alone in his father’s hot car in June 2014 in the Home Depot headquarters parking lot, in Vinings, Georgia. Both Megan and Danielle remember the day this story broke, and when we tell you that the coverage was everywhere, we mean it.

This story has recently been back in the news, and may take this story on a whole different path soon enough. Of course, we will keep y’all updated as updates come in.

CONTENT WARNING: Child Death, Child Sexual Assault, Child Molestation

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