Oct. 6, 2022

True Crime: The Assassinations of Harvey Milk and George Moscone and the White Night Riots October 2022 True Crime Patreon Exclusive

This month, Megan covers a story that she mentioned in passing a few months ago, and Danielle demanded to know more about. This one's for you, babe!

Megan talks about the assassinations of Harvey Milk and George Moscone, and the resulting “White Night” Riots. Harvey Milk was the first non-incumbent, openly gay elected official in the United States, and was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Mayor, George Moscone, was his political ally. However, on November 27, 1978, they were gunned down by a coworker, fellow Supervisor, Dan White. The jury’s verdict left not only Danielle absolutely shocked, but also shocked the entire city of San Francisco.

CONTENT WARNING: police brutality, brief mention of suicide

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