Jan. 1, 2021

Tillie Klimek and the Joes January 2021 True Crime Patreon Exclusive

This is a sneak peek of our January 2021 True Crime Patreon Exclusive content.

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This episode we have our MOST favorite guests of all time on the pod … our moms! Danielle’s mom prefers stories from the way back machine, so that’s exactly what we did! Our moms also don’t like it when we swear (same for the person who left us a 1 star review on Apple) so this will be our first curse-free episode!

Megan tells the story of Tillie and the Joes: Tillie Klimek was a woman in Chicago, who frequently had dreams and premonitions about people getting sick and dying. She was pretty accurate too! Except, she may be more murderer than psychic. She is known today as Chicago’s most prolific female serial killer.

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