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Best Bachelor and True Crime Podcast

Megan and Danielle are great storytellers with excellent chemistry! They are not afraid to cover hard topics and speak the truth about the Bachelor! One of the best podcasts out there!

Crimes with a twist

To be honest, I’m not a big bachelor watcher, but the way they talk about it makes me want to jump in sometimes. I love their crimes, and their thoughts on Bachelor are entertaining enough that I prefer to hear about it from them. -Trevin, Live, Laugh, Larceny

My two favorite topics - True Crime and The Bachelor

Love this podcast and these two podcasters. Relatable, interesting cases and hot takes. And I love hearing a Black woman’s honest take on the Bachelor, it’s a perspective rarely heard.

New listener!!

First time listener sent over from Crimes & Closets~already loving this podcast!! Can’t wait to listen to more!! Andrea

My favorite podcast

I love listening to black women’s perspective on The Bachelor franchise!

Great podcast

This show is always interesting and entertaining. You gotta subscribe to this podcast!

Tale of Two

Crime & Roses has two targeted passions. Personally, I don’t watch the Bachelor, but I enjoy true crime. Either way, they’re entertaining to listen to be it episode recaps or presenting crime cases. The jump between a pop culture focus and dark non-fiction isn’t as jarring as you’d think, an impressive feat by the hosts. Give them a listen and subscribe now!


I love this true crime podcast. It’s super interesting and they don’t just pick topics you would normally think of. My favourite so far are the ones on JFK. The way they present the information is super fun and I could binge this all day! Would definitely recommend this

So Fun!

This is the perfect show for anyone with a fascination for the macabre and a guilty pleasure that must be satiated. In the past, I’d never really been able to get into the bachelor/ette franchise, but this show has definitely made me reconsider it. They make the show sound wild, funny and interesting and their commentary is always entertaining. Then, when you need something a little darker, they bring you a true crime story you have probably never heard before. I listen to a LOT of true crime and they almost always manage to find something completely new to me, which is refreshing. Great show! It’s a strange concept but it works so well


Great audio, funny and interesting. Best bachelor pod out there!

So Unique

This is such a unique combination of topics for one podcast to cover! I love the mix of the lighter commentary on The Bachelor/Bachelorette and the heavier true crime episodes. The hosts have great chemistry, and their exchanges are down to earth, which makes it feel like you’re chatting with friends.

Love this podcast!!

Absolutely the best true crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. ❤️

Love this combo!!

Love this podcast!! It’s literally two of my favorite things—true crime & The Bachelor! Such a good listen!!!

Great combination!

Love that they combine true crime and entertainment with bachelor/ette updates. They cover serious crimes but they manage to lighten each episode with recaps of the show. It's such an interesting and entertaining podcast. Cindy WDST

Deep dives

The ladies take deep dives into topics with well inform perspectives! Throughly enjoyable, and detailed! Highly recommend.

A bright spot in a dark topic

I don’t listen to true crime as I worry to much about being murdered as is but I love the bachelor episodes. Meghan and Danielle are such a unique voice in this crowded space and I am so glad I found them. Cant wait for the survivor spin off.

Great mix

Are you a fan of The Bachelor? What about a fan of True Crime? Well these ladies give you the best of both worlds all in one well done podcast. You should be subscribed to this and listening. And of course, stamp of approval, they are funny.


There are so many Bachelor podcasts out there but this is one of my favorites. The ladies are funny and snarky- just like I like! Even if I don't agree with all their opinions, I still find them hilarious and look forward to their takes each week. Keep it up ladies!

Great pod!

Such a great podcast, I love it!

Love A Good True Crime

Who doesn’t love a good true crime story and a Bachelor recap!? Love listening to your podcast. Great work Megan and Danielle Cassie from Curiosity Junkie Podcast

One of my favorite pods!

I love this podcast so much. Bachelor recaps or crime, I always learned something new. I enjoy Meg & Danielle’s friendship. Also, I laugh as I struggle with words as much as Danielle haha

so worth the listen!

Never thought that my worlds of bachelor and true crime would mix so beautifully 😅 this podcast is everything I didn’t know I needed

Great podcast!

If you like true crime and you like the bachelor this is the podcast for you!

What a fresh approach to True Crime!

As someone who listens to so many true crime podcasts, this is a breath of fresh air! The hosts have a great chemistry and are truly funny, but with great knowledge of the cases and the law. It’s often too hard to find a podcast where the blend of knowledge and humor play off each other so well without it sounding insincere! A must listen for any true crime fan!

Funniest podcast and love the true crime too!!

Keep being boss ladies <3 y’all have another avid listener and would love for y’all to do a show in ATL when covid is over!

Great podcast!

I only recently started listening to this podcast and I am already hooked! The hosts are funny, relatable, and they keep you on your toes. I love the dynamic with having The Bachelor and True Crime—it’s like getting the best of both worlds! On hand you get your drama reality tv fix, and on the other you get your nefarious true crime fix—highly recommend giving them a listen! :)

So fun!

They kept me laughing all the way through, and I loved their guest on this episode. Excited to keep listening!

These are a few of my favorite things!

True Crime and Bachelor Nation, two of my most favorite subjects! Megan and Danielle are great at recapping crimes you’ve never heard of and sharing thoughts on Chris Harrison et al we’re all thinking! Thanks and keep up the entertaining work!

Great podcast for crime and Bachelor lovers!!

If you love true crime and Bachelor recaps then this podcast is for you. Love the dynamic between Megan and Danielle. I came here for the Bachelor recaps, but have been loving the true crime cases that they cover.

A match made in heaven…

Um Bachelor/ Bachelorette commentary AND true crime? Is there anything more genius/ more perfect. Look no further, pour yourself and glass of wine and enjoy! Thank you thank you thank you for creating this masterpiece for us!