June 18, 2021

Interview with Christopher Watson, from the Bachelor Listen to Your Heart: June 2021 Bachelor Patreon Exclusive

This is a sneak peek of our June 2021 Bachelor Patreon Exclusive content.

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It has been a full YEAR since we had Chris and Bri on the pod, and a whole lot has happened in the world and in Bachelor Nation.

Chris is sweet, thoughtful, caring, and HILARIOUS. We chat about what he’s been up to for the last year, his love life, the current status of Bachelor Nation, and… zombies?

Come listen to us chat with one of the most talented people from Bachelor Nation.

At the end of the preview, hear Chris’ new song The Sweetest Thing Remix (feat. Madison Malone, Ddidthat, Sierra Blax).

Crime and Roses: June 2020 Chris and Bri Interview

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