May 13, 2021

Episode 94 True Crime: The Red Summer of 1919

In the unending Taylor Nolan tweet series, this week Megan takes on Anti-Black Racism. While we’ve discussed this topic several times on the pod, the topic is important enough to be discussed again.

Megan tells the story of the “Red Summer” of 1919, where deadly race-based killings popped up in 36 locations across the United States from April to November. Megan focuses on three locations: Jenkins County, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, and Elaine, Arkansas. In total, the Red Summer took the lives of between 151-285 people. At least 642 people were wounded.

CONTENT WARNING: Racism, brief discussion of genocide, child death

Links discussed in this episode:

5 Year Journal

We Hold These Truths (NPR Podcast about the Racial Implications of the Mortgage Crisis)

Crime and Roses: The Robert Charles Riots (Megan talks about Black voter disenfranchisement laws and “Separate but Equal”)

Crime and Roses: The Rosewood Massacre (Danielle talks about the history of Jim Crow Laws)

UCSF’s Multicultural Resource Center (Resources on Anti-Blackness)

Yes! Magazine (Resources on working through on Anti-Black sentiments)

Crime and Roses: Racial Justice Resources

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