April 22, 2021

Episode 91 True Crime: The Story of Ernesto Miranda

This week Megan tells the Story of Ernesto Miranda, whose life has left a lasting impact on the criminal justice system in the United States.

Megan has noticed a lot of Bachelor Nation lives in Arizona, and SEVERAL members of Bach Nation go to Habit Salon outside of Phoenix, SO, Megan tells the story of Ernesto Miranda, a young man who grew up near Phoenix, Arizona, and was murdered at the age of 34.

Ernesto had his own criminal history, including a 1963 rape and kidnapping. Megan won’t go into details about this. Ernesto’s trial (and re-trial) led to the United States Supreme Court case that has had a lasting impact on the criminal justice system in America - it’s Miranda v. Arizona (aka your Miranda rights).


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