March 25, 2021

Episode 87 True Crime: The Crime of Cultural Appropriation: The story of Race Faker, Rachel Dolezal

This week we are connecting our true crime story to The Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose (ATFR). This season we saw a lot of problematic white women and racism all up and through this franchise. It all ended with Rachael Kirkconnell receiving the final rose and forcing everyone to focus on her racially ignorant ass, rather than the love story we wanted for Matt James.

Danielle covers the story of another problematic white woman, Rachel Dolezal. Rachel, also known as NKechi Amare Diallo, was exposed in 2015 after news broke that she was pretending to be black, when she was actually born to two white parents in Montana. The story made national headlines and had the world talking, so we had to tell you about it.

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