March 10, 2021

Episode 83 The Bachelor: Macaroni in a Pot (Season 25, Week 10 with Special Guests Alex and Loren from the Basic Bitch Podcast)

It’s fantasy suites week, and we are joined by our beautifully basic friends, Alex and Loren, from the Basic Bitch Podcast!

To start things out, we see Matt have a difficult conversation with his father, who has not been around for most of Matt’s life.

We see Michelle’s Pennsylvania Dutch-inspired spa date, Bri’s hiking date, and Rachael’s pottery date. The three fantasy suites definitely are not all on the same level, and Rachael gets a whole house for her suite AND fireworks. The Producers are making their biases known, and known loudly. We hate it.

Our BIPOC highlight goes to Bri Springs (of course), we also say goodbye to Bri as well. Bri is the 25-year-old communications manager from San Francisco, California. Bri has been serving us LEWKS all season and left her job to continue on the show. Bri, if Matt didn’t appreciate you, we sure did!

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