March 3, 2021

Episode 81 The Bachelor: Women Tell None (Season 25, Week 9 with Special Guests Liv and Bix, of ITM with Liv and Bix)

It’s time for the Women Tell All and we are joined by our amazing friends Liv and Bix, of ITM with Liv and Bix!

But, before we can get into any of that, we spend some time addressing the most recent Bachelor Nation controversy, the past tweets of Taylor Nolan. These tweets are incredibly hurtful, disgusting, and harmful to almost every marginalized community that you can think of. We do not read any of the tweets, as many contain slurs and violent language, but we do discuss recent events surrounding them. CONTENT WARNING for this discussion.

At the Women Tell All, it’s very much a rehash of the same drama we’ve been talking about all season. We don't even see Victoria get grilled in the hot seat. We also see deleted footage of several group dates and, of course, bloopers! There is a lot of screen time for the man who should be fired, and just a sweet reminder, #FIRECHRISHARRISON.

Our POC highlight of the week goes to Khalyah Epps! She is the 28 year old healthcare advocate, from Durham, North Carolina. We loved to see Khaylah back on our screen, as she had dropped some words of wisdom that the ladies and Bachelor Nation needed to hear! Will she be heading to the sandy BIP beach?

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