Feb. 23, 2021

Episode 78 The Bachelor: We Love Michelle Young, That’s the Tweet (Season 25, Week 8)

It is hometown date week, and our final four women are: Michelle, Bri, Serena P, and Rachael.

Michelle’s hometown gave us all the feels, it included her students and dad (who is our dad now). We saw Rachael fall for Matt … LITERALLY. Bri’s mom is a saint and a BADDIE. We learn about Canadian culture and tasty food things from Serena P, before she sends herself home.

Sweet reminder, FIRE CHRIS HARRISON!

Our POC highlight of the week goes to Michelle Young, of course! Michelle is the 27 year old, elementary school teacher from Edina, Minnesota. She is the Division I basketball player, foodie and is ready to find love and start a family!

Links discussed in the episode:

Understanding Chris Harrison and Rachael Kirkconnell Racial Issues & Growing in your Allyship

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