Feb. 16, 2021

Episode 76 The Bachelor: The Colossal Chris Harrison Kerfuffle (Season 25, Week 7)

WOW. It has been a week for the history books in Bachelor Nation. There is so much going on, and honestly have to talk about it.

We discuss recent events with friends Ash from Ash Talks Bach and Julia from Bachelor Theory. Megan created a summary guide for those interested, with many links to sources and further listening, watching, or reading. This guide is specifically to help white listeners to grow in their Allyship of the BIPOC community. That guide is available HERE and below, under “Links discussed in the episode.” (Conversation starts at 33:42).

Given these recent events, and a call for a boycott of this episode, we did not want Matt’s season’s ratings to be affected and the franchise to use that as an excuse to not have another Black male lead. We also wanted to focus on the amazing women of color contestants that have been cast on this season.

With that in mind, we have decided to only talk about the POC in this episode. We see a one on one with Serena P, a group date, and a one on one with Jessenia.

Our POC highlight of the week go to BOTH Chelsea and Abigail, who both go home. Other POC going home include: Serena C, Jessinia, and Pieper.

Links discussed in the episode:

Understanding Chris Harrison and Rachael Kirkconnell Racial Issues & Growing in your Allyship

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