Jan. 28, 2021

Episode 70 True Crime: The Murder of Helen Bailey… and Presumed Murder of Diane Stewart and the Death of Amy Joyner-Francis

On week 2’s group date, the women wrote their own romance stories of their love story with Matt. Each story was HEAVY on the erotica, I might add. Because of that, Megan covers the story of a murdered author, Helen Bailey. Helen was a young adult author in England who went missing and was discovered in a septic tank, three months later. Her murder may be connected to the seemingly natural death of Diane Stewart. Content Warning: Animal Cruelty (Story starts at: 1:43).

We also saw Sarah interrupt time Katie was having with Matt during the group date cocktail party. Sarah was not even on that date. Katie told the women about the intrusion and they confronted Sarah,which Bachelor Nation had a lot to say about it and, In true Bachelor fashion, the words bully and attack were used. Danielle covers the story of Amy Joyner-Francis who was bullied and attacked by fellow high school classmates, which ultimately led to her death. (Story starts at: 29:41).

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