Jan. 26, 2021

Episode 69 The Bachelor: Victoria can get two WHAPS to the face (Season 25, Week 4 with Special Guest Kelcee!)

This week we are once again joined by a friend of the pod, Kelcee! She is a fellow lady lawyer from Georgia. Listen to the last time Kelcee joined us on the pod for Episode 43! There is so many things to say and so little time!

We see the effects of Sarah leaving on Matt and the women. Five new women arrive, and with it, drama and sex worker shaming (insert HARD eye roll here). Check out the new women’s bios here.

We also saw a one on one date with Michelle, a new contestant FROM MINNESOTA (Danielle is overly excited), and we are here for it! Michelle and Matt go on a scavenger hunt and it ends in a hot air balloon ride.

We see a second group date and the women are physically fighting each other, in a boxing ring. No shocker here, we hate it, thanks.

Our POC Highlight for the week goes to Pieper James. Pieper is the graduate student from Happy Valley, Oregon. She has a bold personality and super sweet face that we want to see more of!

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