Jan. 19, 2021

Episode 67 The Bachelor: This Episode was Triggering, Toxic, and Trash (Season 25, Week 3)

It’s week 3 of Matt James’ season and we are exhausted. 

We see a group date that Ashley Iconetti and Chris Harrison host, all to promote Chris’s erotic novel? On this date, the women have to write a romance (er, mainly sex) story for Matt and perform this story in front of everyone. 

We also see a 1-on-1 date with Serena P, and they go horseback riding and have a picnic. But unfortunately, most of this episode is focused on drama. Last week the focus was Queen Victoria. This week’s drama is focused on Sarah, who interrupted the group date. Like we said, we’re exhausted. 

Our POC highlight of the week goes to Kristin Hopkins! She’s a fellow attorney and practical queen (she wore a shower cap during last week’s date with the paint throwing!) She did not get enough screen time this season, and we hope to see you on a beach soon, Kristin! 

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Music: “Grateful” by Kitrano (license obtained via Artlist.io)

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