Dec. 17, 2020

Episode 59 The Bachelor: The Emotional Rollercoaster on this Righteous Endeavor (Season 16, Week 10)

It’s hometown time! Well, as hometown-y as we can be in the middle of a global pandemic.

We see Brendan, Tayshia and Brendan’s niece hit a cute little carnival. We get to meet his brother and sister in law.

Zac and Tayshia “go to” New York City. Tayshia sits down with Zac’s parents and Zac’s older brother. Zac’s brother gets to some serious questions QUICK.

Ivan and Tayshia do some Filipino cooking, and later we get to meet Ivan’s brother! He’s talked so much about him through this season! Seeing a formerly incarcerated person with face and neck tattoos on our TV screens was AMAZING and relatable.

We also see Ben and Tayshia “go to” the Venice Beach, CA Boardwalk. Tayshia gets to meet Ben’s sister, who he says, saved his life.

It’s also the Men Tell All, full of bickering and pettiness.

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