Nov. 30, 2020

Episode 54 True Crime: The 2016 Spalding Shooting (Murder of Claire and Charlotte Hart)

This week we saw the BEST episode of the Bachelor Nation franchise (according to us). During the conversation between Ivan Hall and Tayshia, Ivan discusses his brother’s incarceration and how it affected his family. Often, the family members of offenders are looked over and not recognized as survivors.

Danielle tells the story of the 2016 Spalding Shooting. Claire and her children (Charlotte, Ryan, and Luke) spent years being tortured by their father, Lance, in a house of horror. Lance had planned to kill his wife and daughter for weeks. Claire and Charlotte finally escaped and fled the home, only to be gunned down by Lance who then turned the gun on himself. Ryan and Luke took action after their father was given excuses, by family and the media, for his actions. Ryan and Luke made it their mission to bring light to the events that led up to the shooting and posthumously hold their father accountable for what he did.

Link discussed in this episode:

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Parents in Prison and Their Minor Children

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