Nov. 18, 2020

Episode 51 The Bachelor: Chicken Legs & Carlos vs. Fraudulent “Wolverine” (Season 16, Week 6)

This week there was a lot of unnecessary drama between Ed, Chasen and Bennett and we were not here for any of it. The toxic masculinity in this episode was OVER THE TOP as the men start to focus their attention on each other, the drama and not Tayshia.

We also saw a wrestling event, which reminded us of our episode on the Fabulous Moolah, Episode 38 you can check that out here.

We say goodbye to POC contestant Montel Hill (who just got there). Our POC highlight is Doctor Joe, AKA Dr. Joseph Park. We love the jokes and the genuine connection he is making with Tayshia! Give us MORE!

We get into a DEEP conversation about colorism and the Bachelor Franchise. It’s an important conversation, one that we truly hope ABC takes to heart. This convo starts at 1:08:16.

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