Nov. 16, 2020

Episode 50 True Crime: The Crimes of Lisa Nowak and the Murders of Larissa Dumansky and Piper Streyle

Megan’s story this week is based on one of our favorite contestants, Ivan! Ivan was our POC highlight of the week, and we love him. Ivan is an aeronautical engineer, so Megan tells the wild story of NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak and the attempted kidnapping of Captain Colleen Shipman. Thankfully Captain Shipman survived and seems to be thriving now. (Story starts at 9:19).

This week we had a rude interruption from Chris Harrison with an unnecessary update from Clare and Dale (like we didn’t see their journey 2 seconds ago *insert eye roll here*). Danielle has been waiting to cover a South Dakota case seeing as though Dale is from Brandon, South Dale-kota (she thinks this joke is funny, Megan was not amused).

Danielle covers the murder of Piper Streyle that opens a pandora’s box and reveals a sexual sadist serial killer among the small town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Content Warning: Sexual Assault. (Story starts at: 34:38).

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