Nov. 9, 2020

Episode 48 True Crime: The Murder of Madame Rose Leon and the Murder of Bianca Devins

This week we saw Chris Watson and Bri Stauss from, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, serenade Clare and Dale on their first one-on-one. Chris calls himself Jahatian, which is Haitian and Jamaican. Danielle covers the murder of prominent political figure and business woman, Madame Rose Leon in Kingston, Jamaica. (Story starts at: 11:43)

As this week was, once again, the Clare and Dale show, Clare talked to Chris Harrison about how she checked out each guy on social media, which is unfortunately how Bianca Devins met the man who killed her. Bianca was an awesome 17-year-old who just wanted to help people with mental illness. Content Warning: self-harm, suicide attempt mention. (Story starts at: 44:22)

Links discussed in the episode:

Interview with Chris and Bri

Interview with District 78

Interview with Queen Natascha

Chris Watson - Call Me Music Video 

Chris and Bri LTYH – Beyond by Leon Bridges

Episode 27 - The Isla Vista Shooting (incel violence)

Promo: Murder Up North

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