Nov. 7, 2020

Episode 47 The Bachelor: We Don't Know if We Need Drinks, or Sleep, or What!? (Bachelorette Season 16, Week 4)

We are joined by amazing and mysterious Amanda and Cassidy from Drinking the Kool-Aid Pod! Amanda is a superfan of the show and long time watcher.  This was Cassidy’s FIRST EVER Bachelor Franchise episode!

In this episode, we finally find out how Clare “blows up the Bachelorette” by proclaiming her love for Dale and dumping with the rest of the guys. Clare and Dale have a lot of relationship firsts in this episode - the first one-on-one date, first dance, and first PROPOSAL.

In this episode, we also get to see our friends, Chris and Bri, from Listen to Your Heart! They sing “Found You” from their first album. You can check out our interview with them here!

Our POC highlight this week features Demar, the spin instructor from Scottsdale, Arizona. Demar rocked the heck out of a black on black suit and looked absolutely amazing.

Check out Drinking the Kool-Aid Pod here!

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