Sept. 24, 2020

Episode 39 True Crime: The Murder of Amie Harwick and the Murder of Laurie Show

This week we both cover cases involving stalking, due to the recent allegations made by Cassie Randolph against Colton Underwood (The Bachelor Seasons 23). First and foremost we need to say that on this podcast we believe women, and we hope Cassie is safe and able to get the help she needs during this time.

Given the nature of the cases and topics we cover, we’re putting a larger content warning here. CONTENT WARNING: stalking, harassment, intimate partner violence, domestic violence, violence against women. In addition, those that have not been convicted are innocent until proven guilty.

Danielle loves a timeline, and she shares a timeline of events of Cassie and Colton’s relationship. The timeline starts at 11:07.

Megan gives stats on stalking both in the intimate partner violence (read: domestic violence) setting and non-intimate partner violence setting. The stats session begins at 27:33.

Danielle tells the story of the stalking and murder of Amie Harwick who was an absolute BOSS of a woman. Amie, who was well known in her own right and her work in the LGBTQ+ community, became even more well known due to her previous engagement to actor and comedian Drew Carrey. This story is an example of intimate partner stalking and intimate partner violence. (Note: Drew Carrey is NOT the alleged perpetrator of this crime). This story starts at 35:52.

Megan tells the story of the stalking and murder of 15-year-old Laurie Show. Laurie was murdered by a trio of gross young people. This story is an example of non-intimate partner violence and stalking. CONTENT WARNING: sexual assault (no details, Megan promises). This story starts at 1:04:15.

Links discussed in the episode:

Drunk History Mary Ellen Pleasant (for a mental break) - Get more information on stalking and other domestic violence behaviors and laws

Department of Justice Map of Local Resources - Stalking Specific

Amie Harwick Change.Org Petition 

Safe at Home - Confidential Address Service (California)

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