Sept. 3, 2020

Episode 35 True Crime: The Murder of Kim Groves, Operation Shattered Shield and The Murder of Jun Lin

This week on the GOAT was Nick Viall, who’s Megan’s favorite Bachelor. Megan talked about a few facts about him in Episode 22 (listen here).

The theme of these crimes we discuss is BOLD AND PROBLEMATIC. 

Danielle’s story is the biggest law enforcement corruption case that ended in murder. The murder of Kim Groves by officer Len Davis is based in New Orleans, like a one-on-one date, Nick and Rachel had there. Love you, Big Rach. (Story starts at 8:13)

Danielle also has a brief discussion of Civil Law and what it really means and how it works. You know what that means, Crime and Roses Law School is IN SESSION. (Class starts at 18:19)

The woman who got Nick’s final rose, and engagement ring, was Vanessa Grimaldi; she’s a special education teacher from Montreal, Canada, as is the case Megan covers, the murder of Jun Lin, which is connected to the Netflix docu-series, Don’t F*ck with Cats. (Content warning: this contains cannibalism). (Story starts at 48:59)

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