Dec. 18, 2021

Episode 147 Bachelorette: Climb that Tree, Michelle (Season 18, Week 9)

Each week Megan is asking the Final Rose Tarot cards what we can expect from this week’s episode. This week Megan pulled the 3 of Roses card. This card is all about travel, looking ahead, and progressing in the opportunities in front of you. These readings this season have been scarily accurate.

It’s Fantasy Suite week and we love this for Michelle. We see a date with each of the remaining three men: Brandon, Joe, and Nayte. Each of these men bring some amazing things to the table, she could definitely be happy with any of these men. We also see a rose ceremony that confused the heck out of Bachelor Nation, but was it really a surprise? Or were the signs there all along? We have so much to chat about, thank you for waiting!

Our BIPOC highlight goes to Joe, as we also say goodbye to him, in a shocking turn of events (but no to Megan because she is spoiled). Minnesota Joe is a great guy that we know will have success in love and selling homes in the future! Follow him on social media at JCol3.

Links Discussed in the Episode:

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