Dec. 1, 2021

Episode 143 The Bachelorette: Black Dads for the Win (Season 18, Week 7)

Each week Megan is asking the Final Rose Tarot cards what we can expect from this week’s episode. This week’s card is the King of Flutes which is called the Single Dad. The card describes emotional maturity as managing turbulent emotional tides and learning how to prioritize what means the most to you. We think this describes multiple people in this episode!

The pressure is on because it is Hometowns! The families of our amazing final four all come to Minneapolis to meet Queen Michelle. We get a better glimpse into what makes each of these men who they really are. What we loved the most though, was the diversity in the family dynamics we see on screen - the differing dynamics are things we see in households all across this country. We also see a rose ceremony that breaks our hearts.

BIPOC highlight goes to all the Black dads we saw on the show tonight! Absent Black fathers is a myth, perpetuated by racism and the media. It is so beautiful and important to see the diverse relationships Joe, Rodney, Brandon, and Nayte have with their fathers.

Read more about the myth of absent Black fathers and the article that Matt James tweeted about during his season. 

Links Discussed in the Episode:

School of Chocolate Season 1 Trailer (Netflix) - Danielle’s cousin is Cedrick! Make sure to watch and cheer him on!

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