Nov. 29, 2021

Episode 142 True Crime: The Murders of Juan and Sergio Guitron

Last week, on a one-on-one date, Brandon and Michelle stop at an ice cream truck and enjoy some tasty treats, while in Minnesota. SO, Danielle found an ice cream-related story for Megan to cover.

This is the story of an ice cream man seeking revenge for a wrong done to him but shoots and kills two brothers and wounds another four people who have nothing to do with his injury. It’s the story of long-awaited justice for the victims and family of the victims in this case; despite being arrested shortly after the murder, the trial did not start for TEN YEARS. (Story Starts at 5:45).

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School of Chocolate Season 1 Trailer (Netflix) - Danielle’s cousin is Cedric! Make sure to watch and cheer him on!

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