Nov. 26, 2021

Episode 141 True Crime: The Cursed Viking Sally

Y’ALL. Buckle up because this one is a WILD RIDE, in several different directions. Danielle was absolutely SHOOKETH.

We saw a group date based on some Viking stuff, so Megan based a story on some Viking stuff. It’s really the story of a potentially cursed ship AND two totally separate true crime incidents? Buckle up because you are not ready - we promise. Unfortunately, this ship has seen its fair share of horrible incidents, including the 1986 murder of Antti Eljaala, the 1987 Murder of Klaus Schelkle and the Attempted Murder of Bettina Taxis, and the deaths of 852 passengers and crew aboard when it sunk in 1994. (Story Starts at 11:15)

Links Discussed in the Episode:

School of Chocolate Season 1 Trailer (Netflix) - Danielle’s cousin is Cedric! Make sure to watch and cheer him on!

Drinking the KoolAid Pod - Episode 14 “Not For Me” - our friends discuss the Titanic

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