Nov. 11, 2021

Episode 138 True Crime: The Murders of Jonathan Sellers and Charlie Keever

This week we are joined again by a friend of the Pod, Renise from the Black Bachelor Babes - make sure you follow on Instagram immediately, also check them out on Clubhouse. Listeners, if you ever want to join us to tell us a true crime story, just send us a DM or email, we would love to have you on!

Renise had serious questions about the truthfulness behind one of the Bachelorette contestant's claims - Jamie said he’s never watched reality TV before. Renise tells us the horrible story of the murder of two young boys, who are connected to Alton Williams, a cast member of the Real World: Las Vegas. Jonathan (9) and Charlie (13) were just two kids trying to have a fun day with their friend. What happened to them is absolutely disgusting and terrifying. (Story Starts at: 14:53)

CONTENT WARNING: Child Sexual Assault and Child Murder.

Links Discussed in the Episode:

Crime and Roses Episode 121: For the Clou-T (with Renise!)

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