Oct. 27, 2021

Episode 133 Bachelorette: It’s a Pizza Party Fail (Season 18, Week 2)

Megan is starting a new segment this season, and doing a tarot card reading for each episode, thanks to the babes at Final Rose Tarot (follow them on IG!). Each week she’s asking the cards what we can expect from this week’s episode. This week’s card was the 5 of Rings, which is called “Insecure.” It’s pretty clear to us that one or more of these men are feeling pretty insecure in their connection.

It’s week two of Michelle’s season and so far the episodes are back to the normal format of the show, which we appreciate. We see a group date where Michelle teaches, and Mia, a student, schools everyone- mainly PeterPizza. We also see a one-on-one with Jamie (CONTENT WARNING for this segment: discussion of suicide at 23:54). We also see a basketball-themed group date where Joe really seems to shine. We see rumors start to pick up about Michelle and Joe’s connection. The episode is brought full circle with a rose ceremony.

This week we are going to say see ya and highlight Pardeep Singh. The neuroscientist podcaster, from New York, is the first Indian American to receive a rose on the Bachelorette. We are sad to see him leave but want to thank him for his contribution to the diversity of the franchise. Find Pardeep on Instagram at PardeepInBrooklyn. Lastly, we say goodbye to Daniel and PJ, Michelle is not here for a firefighter.

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