Sept. 29, 2021

Episode 127 Bachelor in Paradise: How the Faves Have Fallen (Season 7, Week 7)

This week is very upsetting, we see the Aaron/Ivan confrontation that was teased two weeks ago and we got a snippet of last week. The battle reveals that our fave, King Ivan, may be a liar? Megan is inconsolable, so is Amanda from DTKPod (probably).

We also see two new arrivals, who come armed with date cards. It’s Anna Redman (she’s entertaining men for money) from Matt’s season and Mykenna Dorn (of facial expression fame) from Pilot Pete’s season.

We also see Paradise Prom, and Grocery Store Joe and Serena P are named Prom King and Queen.

This episode also brings us the rise and fall of the Noah and Abigail saga. Are they done for good? Are there red flags? We discuss.

This week we have 56 BIPOC points. We have no BIPOC dates or contestants with only screen time. We hear from all the BIPOC contestants on the beach Aaron, Ivan, Natasha, Chelsea, Maurissa, Mari, Abigail, Riley Thomas, and Serena P. Danielle gives 3 bonus points for the hotel drama where Ivan decided to steal some time with Alexa Caves (good choice, because she is dope AF). She also gives 3 points for the Bruja date and Mari’s Spanish translation.

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