Sept. 16, 2021

Episode 124 Bachelor in Paradise: A Harem of Disgruntled Females (Season 7, Week 5)

We are joined by one of our faves… It’s Amanda from Drinking the Kool-Aid Podcast!

This week we see the conclusion of the Brendan and Pieper drama and it ends in a pretty epic disrespectful fashion. We also get our third rose ceremony of the season, with a special rose going to Natasha. We get two new arrivals, who both have their own date card; Blake Monar (who we don’t know) goes on a date with Tia (aka Someone Who Shall Not Be Named) and Dr. Joe Park goes on a date with Natasha. Dr. Joe and Natasha’s date does not end well. We also see some love exchanged between Serena P. and Joe.

This week’s episode was full of ups and downs for the BIPOC points. We saw Natasha and Dr. Joe on a date. We heard from Jessenia, Pieper, Deandra, Maurissa, Riley, Thomas, Tammy, Aaron, and Serena P. We also, briefly, saw Mari, Ivan, and Abigail. Danielle gave 3 points each, for special guests Lil Jon and Tituss Burgess. She takes away 5 points for the over-sexualization of Riley and Maurissa, again. She gives 10 points for Natasha receiving that bonus rose from Paula and Wells, but then takes away 10 points for Brenden still getting between the Natasha / Dr. Joe date. Lastly, she takes away 10 points for the Ivan swerve. We know if Megan and Amanda had their way, the total BIPOC points would be 0 for the Ivan shade! All in all, the total is 59 points in regards to diversity.

Links discussed in this episode:

Crime and Roses Episode 47 (with Guests Amanda and Cassidy from Drinking the Kool Aid)

Drinking the Kool Aid Episode 14 (Titanic Conspiracy Theories, Amanda’s favorite)

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