Sept. 8, 2021

Episode 121 Bachelor in Paradise: For the Clou-T (Season 7, Week 4)

We are joined tonight by a special guest, it’s Renise, one of the Black Bachelor Babes! Follow them on Instagram, IMMEDIATELY.

There was so much that happened in these four hours. The main focus of our conversation, and the conversation on social media, is the triangle between our Queen Natasha, Pieper, and Brendan. The way that Brendan treated Natasha is incredibly hurtful and manipulative.

Both Megan and Danielle admit they were wrong and make public apologies. Megan’s apology is to Natasha herself, and Danielle’s to the listeners about her former stanning of Brendan (Megan also joins in this apology).

AND THEN to watch a very similar triangle play out between Chris, Jessenia, and Alana… where everyone runs to Jessenia’s side, really makes us want to hug Natasha. We also chat about Joe and Kendall, plus the Kenny, Demi, Tia, and Mari square.

Monday's episode gets 40 BIPOC points. We saw Pieper on a date, heard from Serena P., Abigail, Mari, Jessenia, and Natasha. We also saw Deandra, Thomas, Maurissa, Riley, and Ivan. On Tuesday we saw Chris, Chelsea, Aaron, and Thomas go on dates. We heard from Mari, Tammy, Maurissa, and Riley. We also saw Ivan, Serena P., Abigail, Deandra, and Natasha. Danielle gave bonus points for our new host, Tituss Burgess, and bonus points for the BIPOC contestants invited to the VIP group date. The total for Tuesday is 87.

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