Sept. 2, 2021

Episode 120: Bachelor in Paradise: Danielle Woke up to Violence (Season 7, Week 3)

Danielle is not feeling great this week, and when she fell asleep, she woke up to straight violence on the beach.

This week is so chaotic, all the couples that you thought were strong are decidedly NOT strong. Mari wants to be able to go on dates with other people, which Kenny doesn’t really like, but then seems to hit it off with Demi. Chris Conran and Chasen enter, they have a double date card and they take Jessenia and Deandra. Grocery Store Joe and Serena P have a one-on-one date. Demi gave Kenny a cake for his birthday, Mari is not a fan of this and throws the cake in the fire, which very much upsets Riley, because he just wanted to eat the cake, damn. Aaron and Tammy are not doing well either, especially not after she chooses Thomas over Aaron. Karl gives Deandra a bracelet so Chasen has to one-up him and give her a necklace, which leads to a confrontation. Tre self-eliminates, then Tahzjuan self-eliminates. And then Becca Kufrin walks in. Noah and Abigail may be just friends? Someone, who may also be known as Tia Booth, comes in and she takes Kenny on a date which neither Mari nor Demi appreciate. And finally, Kendall arrives and makes a beeline to talk to Joe.

Pure chaos this week! OH, MAN.

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