Aug. 26, 2021

Episode 118 Bachelor in Paradise: Sad Boi Summer (Season 7, Week 2)

We are joined by special guests Abi and Aaron of Say Your Goodbyes Podcast! Buckle up because there are FOUR HOURS of content to discuss.

We see our new host from *NSYNC, Lance Bass! We see Demi and Brendan on a date and he swerves her HARD. Jessenia and Ivan basically fall in love. Serena P and Thomas go on a date - which causes lots of Sad Boi Grocery Store Joe content. We also see a date for Riley and Maurissa, which causes a lot of Sad Boi Cat Man Connor content. Lastly, we get pure comedic gold from Queen Tahzjuan!

Please don’t hate Danielle, she lost her paper with the points for Monday’s episode! For that episode, she did give 3 bonus points to Pieper, since she wasn’t even on the beach but everyone was talking about her. For Tuesday night we had a total of 64 points! We saw 4 BIPOC dates with Thomas and Sarena P., plus Riley and Maurissa. We heard from Aaron, Tre, Tahzjuan, Tammy, Karl, Abigail, Jessenia, and Natasha. We only saw Mari, Deandra, Brendan (let’s face it, he didn’t say much), and Ivan. Danielle took away 10 points for the Riley and Maurissa date. We have concerns about the way the date was depicted. We feel that they were hypersexualized for no real reason; between the questions that were asked on a first date, and the rare “boom boom room” sighting. The food choices were depicted as “nasty” or “gross,” but these foods are eaten around the world, in many communities of color. We definitely felt that there were microaggressions displayed in the interaction.

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