Aug. 17, 2021

Episode 116 Bachelor in Paradise: Fiesta Flutters (Season 7, Week 1)

It’s Paradise! It’s what we’ve been waiting for, for TWO YEARS. We have a feeling this season is going to get messy, very quickly. People are already starting to couple up and we see the first kisses of the season. Abigail gets her first date card ever, love that for her. As a reminder, we are an Abigail stan podcast and we will accept no haters. Our BIPOC Points for this episode is 22! Reminder: 1 point for screen time, 5 points for talking on screen, and 10 points for BIPOC dates! This episode we see Deandra and Aaron on our screen, but not anything substantive. We also see some chats with Natasha, Brendan, Ivan, Jessenia, Sarena P., Tammy, Tahzjuan, Tre, Karl, and Maurissa. We also see a date with our BIPOC queen and America’s sweetheart, Abigail. Danielle also deducts points for the fact that Mari, Maurissa, Tre, and Deandra had no chyron or introduction when coming to the screen, the fact that Tammy called David Spade Dave Chappelle (blasphemy), and the fact that David Spade and wells could not pronounce Tahzjuan’s name correctly. We also give 1 point for getting a glimpse of Chelsea and Riley in the promo for the season. Links Mentioned in the Episode: Cast Bio Breakdown Interview with Tahzjuan Hawkins Connect with us at There you can see links to listen and share the podcast and connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Email: Send us crime suggestions and any questions or comments you may have. --- Support this podcast: