July 21, 2021

Episode 109 The Bachelorette: Messy and Aggressively Colorful (Season 17, Week 7)

This week Katie gives Greg and SECOND one on one. We have very different opinions on Greg, so PLEASE listeners, tell us your thoughts.

We also see a group date that is art based and for the second Bachelorette season in a row,  someone makes something that gets the black box. #ReleasetheMoynesCanvas

We also see an INCREDIBLY uncomfortable one on one date with Mikey P. They cuddle in cult clothing and he needs to talk to someone about his Oedipus issues.

We address the fact that Katie blocked us on social media, Andrew S and Justin tweets, and the Spade and Sparrows recent drama. For more info on the Spade and Sparrows drama, check out our friends at Say Your Goodbyes Podcast’s Instagram post.

(There was a big storm rolling through while we were recording, the sound is off at some points, but hang in there with us)

We also have a guest hop on for a quick second, towards the end.

Our BIPOC highlight goes to Tayshia! We absolutely love our Queen and are happy to see her back on our screen (that rhymed, you saw that lol).

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