July 15, 2021

Episode 108 True Crime: The Life and Death of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary

Last week we saw a one-on-one between Andrew S. and Katie (the blocker). The Bachelor wants us to believe that Andrew S. is from Vienna, Austria; when we know he is in fact from Chicago, Illinois.

Danielle says “let’s keep it international” and tells a story based in Vienna. Danielle talks about the life and assassination (which she says weirdly, words are hard) of Empress Elisabeth aka “Sisi”. Elisabeth enjoyed her informal upbringing and struggled with the royal life. She had incredible highs and lows in her life before it was taken in an incident of inconvenience in 1898.

Her life and death is written like a movie, so come and take a listen, as we catch up and tell a story. CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of eating disorders, fatphobia, suicide mention (Story starts at 7:04).

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