July 14, 2021

Episode 107 The Bachelorette: Operation WOWO… Woah (Season 17, Week 6)

Like the episode, Danielle feels so much chaotic energy today, she had too much sugar and rode the Peloton, she may crash at any moment.

But anyway. The Bachelorette. We see a one on one wedding date with Justin that gets really deep, really quick. No surprise here, we hate the wedding dates. A group date that should’ve been and could’ve been messy boots BUT SADLY WASN’T.  We also saw a one on one that doesn’t go as well.

Our BIPOC highlight goes to A-aron aka Aaron Clancy. Mainly because he should have shined bright like a star at the Great Royal Debate and fell like an ass-teroid. Also, because we are sure he would give the BIPOC highlight to his damn self, because he is the only person he likes.

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