June 29, 2021

Episode 103 The Bachelorette: Get Out (Right Now) (Season 17, Week 4)

It may be hard to believe, but this week’s episode is ONE date. It’s a recycled truth or dare group date from the #Clayshia2020 season. More hot peppers and fake proposals *insert eye roll here*.

The rest of the episode continues to focus on the Thomas the Trainwreck drama.

We also see a returning contestant arrive - they’ve hyped it up all season, but he’s finally here. It’s Blake Moynes from #Clayshia2020. Just like Heather Martin, from Matt’s season, we want him to exit stage left immediately.

This week’s BIPOC highlight goes to David Scott. He is fine as f*uck and did not get enough time on our screen. Please provide an email to someone at ABC where we can lodge a complaint, cause this is some bulls*hit. As you can see, we feel strongly about this.

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