May 27, 2021

Ep 96 True Crime: The Murder of Mark Carson

Welcome to our last, off season, true crime stories covering Taylor Nolan’s tweets. Danielle recaps all the stories we’ve covered, gives an announcement about the next Bachelor / True Crime schedule for the pod and covers a story from West Village, New York (with a little help from our friend Bix from In The Moment with Liv and Bix podcast). Danielle covers the LGBTQ+ hate crime murder of Mark Carson. Mark was gunned down after being attacked with homophobic slurs as he walked down the street with his friend minding his own business. Elliot Morales then pulled several stunts at trial that shocked us and the media. We have covered some very sensitive and triggering topics. We did this to highlight all the marginalized communities that were affected by what Taylor tweeted. It is NOT a victimless crime. We will continue to cover these important topics and highlight underrepresented stories. Links discussed in the Episode: You’re Wrong About Podcast - The Stonewall Uprising Connect with us at There you can see links to listen and share the podcast and connect with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Email: Send us crime suggestions and any questions or comments you may have. --- Support this podcast: