Sept. 21, 2022

Ep. 206: The Bachelorette: Finale Part 2 (Season 19, Week 10)

We are bringing back the tarot readings for every episode of Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. Megan asked the Final Rose Tarot cards what we can expect from this season. Megan pulled the 9 of Mirrors aka Blindsided. The name truly says it all, and y’all, one of our Bachelorettes was certainly blindsided.

This episode was truly dramatic. We see two engagements, one break-up, one happy couple, one newly single Bachelorette, yet zero conversations about Blackface. Honestly, hearing and seeing Tino speak to Rachel this way was pretty triggering, we’ve both certainly been there. Jesse announces the next Bachelor, and surprise, it’s Zach Shallcross who gives out his first impression rose. All of this, and yet, we don’t get any time to discuss why Blackface is blatantly racist…?

We finally can have a BIPOC highlight in this episode, after weeks of just seeing white men (plus Aven). In this episode we saw Aven make a surprise appearance and we had Bachelorette royalty with Michelle in the building. Also, Zach met 5 women from his upcoming season, including the gorgeous Brianna! We are absolutely disgusted that there was no mention of Erich’s recent controversy: wearing Blackface. This franchise has not lived up to its promise of diversity and inclusion by refusing to discuss this important topic. Lest we forget, Erich is engaged to a woman of color.

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