Aug. 18, 2022

Ep 195: The Bachelorette: Baby Bach B!tch (Season 19, Week 6)

This week finds us in Amsterdam! There is only ONE week until hometowns and we have no idea how we got here.

This week we see the pressure mount, because a rose this week means hometowns next week. We see a heartbreaking one on one with Gabby and Nate. Gabby cried … Nate cried … Danielle cried. We also see a one on one between Rachel and Zach (we stan a therapy king). We also see two group dates, one with whips and one with cheese.

We say goodbye to Ethan and Nate this week. We highlighted Ethan in episode 193 and Nate in episode 187. Check out those episodes to hear more about them and check out our cast bio episode on Patreon.

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