Aug. 11, 2022

Ep. 194: True Crime: The Psycho Killer 2012 Derby Arson Attack

Hometowns are ONLY two weeks away on The Bachelorette! We feel like we are in a time warp and this season is so fast but also so slow. The last couple of weeks, Gabby has shared her experience with her estrangement from her mother. We appreciate her openness in sharing the way she processed her trauma, it is so important for people to see. This week Danielle covers a story of a really bad dad.

Mick Philpott never contributed to the upbringing or financial burden created by his 17 children with 5 different women. When his “mistress” left him and took her children, Mick came up with a diabolical plan that would take the lives of 6 of his other children by fire.

(Story Starts at 15:02)

CONTENT WARNING: Child Victims, Sexual Assault, and Brief Mention of Suicide

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