Aug. 2, 2022

Ep. 191: The Bachelorette: Ferris Wheel on the Ground (Season 19, Week 4)

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We are bringing back the tarot readings for every episode of Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. Megan asked the Final Rose Tarot cards what we can expect from this season. Megan pulled the Five of Mirrors aka The Tattletale. This card is all about scheming, conflict, and plans backfiring. There’s definitely a Tattletale in this episode… Hello, Meatball.

This week the ladies say adieu to L.A. and bonjour à Paris, the City of Love. This week we see one-on-one dates with Gabby and Jason, plus Rachel and Tino. We see Rachel’s … I mean … Gabby’s boxing group date. We also see the most AWKWARD group date, where the men flirt in weird ways, Rachel smells armpits and the men french their own hands. WTF.

We highlight BIPOC contestants because we believe it is important to highlight those who we see on our screen, because representation matters. This week we are saying goodbye and highlighting Quincey. We have a feeling he will be beach bound in the future.

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