July 12, 2022

Ep. 185: The Bachelorette: Bach Like We Never Left (Season 19, Night 1)

It’s FINALLY the end of the off season, the Bachelorette is BACK BABY.  Join us on Patreon for the full cast bios starting at the $3 level, as we talk about the men of Gabby and Rachel’s season of the Bachelorette.

We are bringing back the tarot readings for every episode of Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. Megan asked the Final Rose Tarot cards what we can expect from this season. Megan pulled the King of Rings, AKA the Jeweler. This card is all about opulence and luxury, certainly two things our babes deserve.

In true Bachelor fashion, premiere night is all about the limo entrances. We get some cute and cringe entrances. We also get to see our first cocktail party of the season, which helps us get to know these men a bit better. Lastly, we both share our Crime of the episode (aka the parts we hate), and our Rose of the episode (aka the highlight). Danielle has a fun little “He’s a 10” game too.

We highlight BIPOC contestants because this show has a horrible history with diversity and inclusion. We believe it is important to highlight those who we see on our screen, because representation matters.

This week we are highlighting Mario! Mario received the first impression rose from Gabby, after dancing his way out of the limo and locking lips. We give you a little background on Mario from our cast bios episode Make sure to follow him here!

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