May 26, 2022

Ep. 180 True Crime: The Murder of Kari Lynn Nixon

We are still on a break from the Bachelor but connecting our stories to the franchise.  Danielle heard of this case because of its interesting boy band connection, and we are reminded of Listen to Your Heart! We're also reminded of our boy band manager, the naked one, BIP contestant, and Mari’s fiancé Kenny. 

Danielle tells the story of the murder of Kari Lynn Nixon. Kari disappeared within a 5-minute timeframe, blocks away from her home. At first, authorities weren't sure if she ran away or was abducted. Law enforcement chased leads all over the country, including a lead connecting law enforcement with the boy band New Kids on the Block when Kari’s family and law enforcement thought they saw her in their music video “My Favorite Girl.” It was a surprising and out-of-the-blue confession that finally brought the family some answers. 

(Story Starts at: 10:41)


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