May 12, 2022

Ep. 178 True Crime: The Murder of Alan Berg

We are still on a break from the Bachelor, but connecting our stories to the franchise. Stagecoach 2022 was held at the end of April, it’s a country music festival that Bachelor Nation always seems to flock to. This year, Blake Hortsmann (aka Balaockaye), performed as a DJ, and the crowd seemed to love it. Blake and Stagecoach also had a whole storyline on Bachelor In Paradise Season 6. This week’s story is for Blake, who calls Denver, Colorado home with a dope roommate Elyse!

This week, Megan tells the story of the murder of Alan Berg. Alan was an outspoken Jewish talk radio host, whose show on KOA AM 850 in Denver could be heard in over 30 states. Sources say that Alan had an abrasive on-air personality, and was always ready to call out anti-Semitism and other forms of racism. Unfortunately, this made him a target of a white supremacist group, the Order.

(Story Starts at 9:00)

CONTENT WARNING: Anti-Semitism, Racism

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