April 14, 2022

Ep. 174 True Crime: The Murder of Jennifer Cave

We are still on a Bachelor break, after covering Season 26 of The Bachelor. But, we are still connecting true crime stories to the whole of Bachelor Nation. Clayton’s season was literally a copy / paste season.

Bachelor Nation made several connections to Clayton and Colton Underwood’s season. In addition, their names are so similar that Danielle, along with most of Bachelor Nation, continued to confuse them. So this week Danielle is telling you about a murderer named Colton.

Jennifer Cave was a beautiful young woman, trying to figure out living on her own and unfortunately, struggling with addiction. Her addiction led her to meeting Colton, who on the outside looking in, seemed to be a “good guy”, but instead, had a very dark side. Through the twists and turns in Jennifer’s life, she kept coming into contact with Colton, and one night would be the last…

(Story Starts at:15:59 )

CONTENT WARNING: Substance Abuse

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