April 7, 2022

Ep. 173 True Crime: The Murder of Michelle Moore-Bosko and the Story of the Norfolk Four

We are in the off-season, and all bets are off. However, we are still connecting each story to someone or something within the Bachelor Franchise. This week Megan tells the story based in Norfolk, Virginia, and several recent contestants call this larger area home, including Susie Evan, Marlena Wesh, Claire Heilig, Victoria Fuller, and Ryan Claytor.

Megan tells the story of the murder of Michelle Moore-Bosko, who married her high school sweetheart, William. Michelle and William were still newlyweds when Michelle was murdered. The investigation and multiple trials that happen are a total and complete miscarriage of justice for everyone involved.

A total of eight men are wrongfully accused of this horrible crime while the real killer remains at large. Four of the men involved Danial Williams, Joseph Dick Jr., Eric Wilson, and Derek Tice are wrongfully convicted on shoddy police work and coerced confessions.

(Story Starts at: 0:44)

CONTENT WARNING: Sexual Assault, brief mention of a child sexual assault

Links Discussed in the Episode:

PBS Frontline Documentary on the Norfolk Four

Sharon Says So: Episode 102: Why We Deserve a Fair Criminal Justice System with Jason Flom

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